Aviary Birds

 Aviary Birds

Nixons Pet and Animal Feeds provide a wide range of Bird Seed and Feed for Caged Birds and Aviary Birds. We also stock Bird Grit and Bird Sand, to aid your bird’s digestion.

Aviary Bird Seed

Canary Condition 20kg
Mixed Millet 20kg
Nixons Striped Sunflower Seed 15kg
Colonels Mixed Canary 20kg
Colonels Medium Striped 12.5kg
Colonels Parakeet Lovebird 20kg
Colonels Budgie Supreme
Colonels 50/50 Budgie
Colonels Foreign 20kg
Nixons 50/50 20kg
Nixons Plain Canary 20kg
Johnston & Jeff Mixed Canary Food 20kg

Parrot Food

Colonels Parrot Tropical 12.5kg
Colonels parrot Deluxe 12.5kg
Nixons Parrot Fruity 15kg
Nixons Parrot Mix 13kg
Johnston & Jeff No1 Parrot Food 12.75kg

Bird Grit and Sand

Bird Grit and Bird Sand act as an aid to your bird’s digestion. Bird Sand can also be used as a cage litter.