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Nixons Pet and Animal Feeds provide a wide range of Poultry Food.

Allan & Page Poultry Feed

Goose and Duck Breeder Pellets
Chick Starter     20kg
Grower Pellets   20kg
Smallholder Layers Pellets   5kg  20kg
Smallholder Layers Crumble         20kg
Smallholder Super Mixed Corn  5kg  20kg
Organic Layers Pellets     5kg   20kg
Organic Mixed Corn         5kg    20kg

Dodson & Horrell Poultry Feed

Dodson & Horrell Layers Pellets  20kg
Dodson & Horrell Layers Mash    20kg

Nixons Own Brand Poultry Feed

Nixons Own Premium Mixed Corn   20kg

Spillers Poultry Feed

Spillers Layers Pellets  20kg

Poultry Grit

Oyster Shell Grit Large & Small
Poultry Grit
Jondo Mixed Hen Grit

Farmyard layers pellets
Organic Layers Pellets