Wild Birds

Wild Birds

Nixons Pet and Animal Feeds provide a wide range of Wild Bird Seed and Feed, Wild Bird Treats, and Wild Bird Feeders.

We are also suppliers of Aviary and Caged Bird Seed, Poultry Food and Pigeon Feed and Corn.

Smaller amounts of some products are available. Please enquire.


Peanuts 20kg, 25 kg
Peanuts  12.75kgs
Kibbled Peanuts 15kg
Sunflower Hearts 6kg, 12.75kg,  20kgs
Black Sunflower Seed 13kg, 20kg
Nixons Robin Mix 13kg
Nixons Nice -N -Clean Mix 13kg
Wild Bird No. 1 Premium Mix 20kg
Wild Bird No 2 Premium Mix 20kg
Wild Bird No. 3 Standard Mix 20kg
Wild Bird No. 4 Premium Mix 20kg
Meal Worms 1kg, 1.5kg, 2.5kg, 5kg
50 Suet Netless FatBalls
50 Netless Small Fatballs
150 Netless Small Suet Fat Balls In Boxes
Suet Logs
Suet Cake
Suet Pellets 3kg & 12.75 kg  (Berry & Insect )
Suet Trays Insect Flavour
Coconuts Suet Filled


Straights can be used to add extra value to existing wild bird feeds, or to make your own wild bird food recipes. They can be used straight or used in combination with other items.

Hemp 15kg
Groats 25kg
Nyger Seed 25kg
Cut Maize 20kg
Whole Maize 20kg